PER SQUARE FOOT is probably the only training provider in Singapore that conducts a property program that is objective, with no sales-pitch, no upselling or other hidden agenda. Our objective is simple – Home buyers and property investors deserve to know not only the (overhyped) benefits of property investing, but it is equally important that they are aware of the potential risks and pitfalls which are seldom talked about.

Just like you, we align our thinking with that of an investor, not a salesperson.

We use informed, data-driven approaches guided by strong logic and our observations of the Singapore property market. Learn through practical examples, case studies and past mistakes which investors have made, and go beyond one-size-fits-all theories and speculation.

To date, over 3,600 home buyers and property investors have benefited from Colin’s insights and guidance.

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Property Wealth Creation Program

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The Harsh Truths About Property Investment That Homeowners Must Know… That Most Don’t Teach Or Talk About. (Simply because it doesn’t “SELL”.)

Breaking Down The Common Things You See Online, How To Identify What’s True Or False, And How To Know What’s Really Right For You.

The Myths Of Passive Income… Is This What You Should Be Really Focusing On When Thinking About Upgrading? What Are You Missing Out On?

The Wealth C.A.P. Formula – The ONLY Real Way That Property can Create, Accumulate, and Preserve Wealth for you. No Techniques. No “Shortcuts”. A complete, full picture strategy for your property investment.

How To Solve The ABSD Conundrum – Is It Still Viable To Invest In Property Since You Have To Pay More ABSD? Find Out The REAL TRUTH To This Burning Question And How This Cooling Measure Can Affect Your Investment.

The Current State Of The 2024 Singapore Property Market – External Trends You Must Know In Order To Make The Best Investment Decision Possible.

Are all properties worth chasing? The hottest “property boats” have sailed. How to identify the correct property boats that you can get on to accumulate long term wealth through real estate.

How you can shift the balance of power in your favour by taking some simple steps that will allow you to leapfrog the “big players” and create an unfair advantage in the “Property Ecosystem”.

BONUS: I’ve been creating valuable content, articles, and videos that teach homeowners the right fundamentals about property upgrading and investment. I’ll be sharing these with you guys as well.

Discover all these tricks and secrets that no one else is sharing…

How you can receive $3,000 / mth passive income from just 1 private property. (This is COLD, HARD CASH you will receive in your bank account, after paying the mortgage!)

How you can get FREE financing from banks at 0% interest. (Even when interest rates are rising !)

How you can PROFIT $100,000 from just 1 private property in the next 5 years, regardless of whether the price goes up or down. (Our participants just love this idiot- proof WEALTH generating strategy.)

10 extremely powerful investment techniques that will allow you to own multiple properties with massive returns. (Many still believe that property is a rich man’s game. It will be if you do not understand these 10 investment techniques. But once you master them you will be AMAZED how wrong that is!) 

All that glistens is not gold – Beware of the PITFALLS when you blindly invest based on the “Singapore Masterplan”. (Make this MISTAKE and you will regret your decision for the next 7 years as you could be flushing $300,000 down the drain.)

The FASTEST and SUREST way for “Regular Joes” to own multiple properties that create long term wealth and generate consistent passive income… without taking risky loans or incurring huge debts.

The P.R.I.C.E. (Property Investment Capabilities Evaluation) Framework revealed! – The most comprehensive investment system that allows you to break out of the rat race, achieve financial freedom and accumulate a “pot of wealth” for your retirement or your family.  

One simple but powerful investment rule can help you achieve at least 7% returns per year on your properties for the next 10 years… plus turbo-charge your investments if we include capital appreciation and you can expect a whopping 10% CAGR on your capital!

6 SMART ways to lessen your stamp duties when you buy your next property. (You have already paid your income tax, so stop throwing away unnecessary money and put your cash into properties instead.)

4 STRATEGIES to mitigate rising interest rate risk that will lower your risk significantly. (If you think fixed rate loan is the answer, you are putting yourself at a BIG risk of losing out from the wealth you will make from properties.)

Hear the rave reviews by our participants

Discover what our past participants have to say about their experience.

Video Testimonials

“Colin shortened my investment journey and saved me lots of time, by letting me know what I should in invest in and what is suitable for me. Thank you Colin!”

– JC Lin, Oil & Gas

“In this day and age, there’s a lot of information about property out there. I’m thankful that Colin has been helping me the last years to look into them and give me his first-hand insights, which is so important to make an informed decision. I like to thank Colin for helping me find my dream home for me and my family!”

– Rajaratnam Sadasivam, Commercial Pilot Instructor


“I can feel that Colin is very passionate about property investment. More importantly, he doesn’t hard sell but is genuine about giving me real options in the property market.”

– Evelyn Thow, Communication Coach

Written Testimonials

Colin is different from other trainers. He always puts our interests first in understanding the issues around property investment rather than try to promote various property sites.

Colin has applied his past banking knowledge and provided techniques to unlock self potential and has shown it’s possible to multiply properties even with low cash. I will recommend his course to others.

I like the course because he:

- used facts and data to analyze the market.
- introduced and open up our perspective of financing properties.
- gave very very good detailed analysis using tools and data and info/news where I don’t see other agents do it.

I would definitely recommend my friends to join this programme because I think this is the most important course to attend before any property investment. You spend $3,000 and you make millions of dollars or you save from making any mistakes.

It is an eye-opener to understand the various options on how to create your first property (if any). Very interactive program to share with one another on how we individually view our points. To use your most potential to create possible wealth for oneself.

After attending these 4 day workshop, the understanding of how real estate could generate passive wealth is great. This course gives me a better picture to view the real estate market.

Topics and content are unique where no other property agent will advise, especially in the interest of the client.

You are better than XXX training. I attended XXX 2-3 years ago. I like your case studies. Thanks, very practical!

This 4-day program has been enriching and informative. I have never known investment in properties can really help one to improve financial status. Colin’s lessons have been interesting with real life examples. Good to have this knowledge. Will apply with the right and good opportunity.

Colin has good knowledge about the property market. He is statistically driven and points out areas that the consumers would normally not look into.

I like the use of data analytics to analyze the market. Colin brought a new perspective to investing in properties and made me change my views towards property investment. This is certainly one of the good investments which I have done for myself which will be useful in time to come.

Colin speaks with passion. This course is insightful and I’ve definitely benefited by attending the 4-day course. With the knowledge learnt, I’m more confident to make the right decision on property investments moving forward. Two thumbs up!

Best course I have attended that keeps me interested all the time. Colin’s insights are something that I value very much. Thank you Colin!

I find Colin very knowledgeable and passionate to share his knowledge with the class. This course is definitely value for money. Although I have attended other property investing courses, I find Colin’s course has given me a different strategy and perspective, especially on how to gear up and decouple, detailed step-by-step. I would definitely recommend friends to attend his class. Thank you very much Colin!

I like the way Colin relates different types of case study which I believe will benefit us in future. He has all the updated information and has imparted his skills to the students. I enjoyed his lessons and look forward to applying the skills that he had taught.

It’s very insightful. I learnt a lot about real estate and realized that any one can own multiple properties if they had the resources and knowledge.

I like the straightforward approach of Colin’s program which provided many valuable insights about owning properties tailored to individual scenarios. This type of insights were never known to me prior to this program. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

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That’s Right! At PER SQUARE FOOT, we put your interest first. Over the years, I have received countless rave reviews, thank you notes and gratitude messages. The reason is simple. People reciprocate with kindness when they realise I genuinely care about meeting their end goals, instead of trying to close a deal fast like what most property agents are trained to do.

If my values and principles resonate deeply with you, I welcome you to get in touch with me.

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What our readers said:

Many thanks to educate those who are not so well versed in the Property market ... most property agents are more interested in getting their sales done ASAP rather than giving sound advice on the current market situation or the Buyer's financial predicament.

I am impressed with your passion and selflessness to coach the public. I have been to many webinars (some paid ones) but I have not seen anyone as candid as you.